Our Business Premises

Varma is a reliable domestic lessor. We own several business premises across Finland. 

We lease premises that become vacant mainly to companies and organisations but in certain cases also to private individuals. We aim at long-term tenancies that are beneficial to both parties. As a lessor, we are a steady, reliable cooperation partner. We create preconditions for successful business activities for our tenants by maintaining our real estate holdings in condition and by responding to the tenants' changing needs.

Learn more about our leasable premises and contact us even if the real estate that interests you doesn't have a suitable vacancy for the time being.

02600 hevosenkenka 3 bw

Panorama Tower

Leppävaara, Espoo

Panorama Tower offers impressive and high-quality premises less than 20 minutes from downtown Helsinki and the airport.

02200 riihitontuntie 7c bw

An urban-style high-technology center in verdant Niittykumpu, the city center of the future.

00210 italahdenkatu 15 17 bw

Itälahdenkatu 15-17, Helsinki

Lauttasaari, Helsinki

Itälahdenkatu 15-17 offers stylish office premises in an excellent location in Lauttasaari.

00210 italahdenkatu 22a bw

Itälahdenkatu 22 A, Helsinki

Lauttasaari, Helsinki

Classy office premises and versatile services in an excellent location in Lauttasaari.

00100 malminkatu 12 bw

Distinguished business property at the heart of Helsinki.

00100 malminkatu 28 bw

Malminkatu 28, Helsinki

Kamppi, Helsinki

Recently renovated office premises with excellent location in Kamppi.

00150 pursimiehenkatu 4 bw

High-class office premises in a central location in Punavuori.

00180 itamerenkatu 11 13 bw

Itämerenkatu 11-13, Helsinki

Ruoholahti, Helsinki

The property is a modern headquarter level office building built in 1999 that has been designed so that it fulfills modern space use requirements.

00180 lapinlahdenkatu 1 bw

Stylish headquarter level property with high ceilings and modern air conditioning.

00180 energiakatu 3 salmisaari

Sports Center Salmisaari

Salmisaari, Helsinki

Salmisaaren Liikuntakeskus is a modern property that offers various free time activities in a great location in Salmisaari, Helsinki.

00380 valimotie 9 11 cw

Valimotie 9-11, Helsinki

Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki

The property in Pitäjänmäki offers flexible, clean and bright office premises and versatile services.

00530 johnstenberginranta 2 bw

The red brick building at the edge of Pitkäsiltä on the Hakaniemi side is part of the idyllic Pitkänsillanranta.

00560 arabiankatu 2 bw

Arabiankatu 2, Helsinki

Arabia, Helsinki

Real estate in Arabia, housing premises used by the Pop & Jazz Conservatory and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

00560 hameentie 135 bw


Arabia, Helsinki

A traditional, fully modernized office property in a visible place in Arabia.

00180 salmisaarenaukio 2 julkisivu2 varma w

Salmisaarenaukio 2, Helsinki

Salmisaari, Helsinki

Stylish premises in Salmisaari by the sea, in the vicinity of Ruoholahti and the Salmisaari Recreational Center.

00120 lonnrotinkatu 18 julkisivu2 varma

Modernized, individual business premises for rent in a loft-style functionalistic building in the very center of the city in spring 2017.

00130 etelaesplanadi 01 varma w

Helsingin Eteläesplanadi 8

Kaartinkaupunki, Helsinki

Amanda is a historic high-value property at the corner of Eteläesplanadi and Fabianinkatu.

00580 tukkutorintie 5 bw varma

Kalasatama Kampus

Kalasatama, Helsinki

Kalasatama Kampus is a modern office building in the heart of Kalasatama!

00510 satamaradankatu 1 bw

Vallilan Toimisto

Valilla, Helsinki

Opening in spring 2020, Vallilan Toimisto will offer fully renovated offices in the heart of Vallila.

01510 robert huberin tie 3 cw

Avia Prima

Aviapolis, Vantaa

Avia Prima is the perfect choice for companies that value a quick access to the Airport. 

01510 tasetie 8 aw

Flamingo is an entertainment center in connection with the Jumbo shopping center in Vantaa.

05800 hameenkatu 9 bw

Shopping Center Willa

Center, Hyvinkää

Shopping center Willa is a modern center for fashion and specialty stores in downtown Hyvinkää.

40270 saarijarventie 50 52 aw

Shopping center Palokka

Palokka, Jyväskylä

Palokka shopping center is an attractive commercial building built in 2011 alongside highway four some seven kilometers north of downtown Jyväskylä.

Kylmalahdentie 6 bw

Shopping Center Keljo

Keljo, Jyväskylä

Keljo shopping center is a cozy place for shopping South from the City of Jyväskylä.

40320 sorastajantie 2 varma

Sorastajantie 1, Jyväskylä

Seppälänkangas, Jyväskylä

Sorastajantie 1 is a spacious commercial building located in Seppälänkangas in Jyväskylä.

48600 jumalniementie 7 bw

The Shopping Center Jumalniemi will be renovated during winter season 2016–2017.

33950 kenkatie 4 bw

Kenkätie 4, Pirkkala

Partola, Pirkkala

Partola shopping center in Pirkkala.

33960 myllyhaantie 6 aw

Myllyhaantie 6, Pirkkala

Hongisto, Pirkkala

A real estate close to Tampere airport that offers clean office space.

60100 puskantie 13 julkisivu varma w

Puskantie 13, Seinäjoki

Center, Seinäjoki

Place for your business in the heart of Seinäjoki!

33100 hatanpaan valtatie 20 bw

21st century office building in downtown Tampere.

33100 hameenkatu 9 bw

Hämeenkatu 9, Tampere

Ratina, Tampere

The Varma building offers high-quality premises at a good location in downtown Tampere.

33210 finlaysonintie 4 aw

The Finlayson area is a historical, yet modern office environment that is full of life.

33720 visiokatu 6 ilmakuva varma w


Hervanta, Tampere

Technology of the future in Hervanta, next door from Tampere University of Technology.

95400 lansiranta 10 bw

Northern Finland's largest shopping center, Rajalla - På Gränsen, is a mall located at the national frontier between Finland and Sweden in Tornio.

20540 ruukinkatu 2 4 bw

Old Mill

Itäharju, Turku

IT center for IT and communications companies in Turku.

20180 itainen rantakatu 60 aw

Itäinen Rantakatu 60, Turku

Korppolaismäki, Turku

A real estate along Aurajoki river near downtown Turku.

65100 kauppapuistikko 11 cw varma

Sampotalo, Vaasa

Center, Vaasa

Sampotalo is a well known property located in downtown Vaasa.